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YipTV free channel offer

July 29, 2015

When YipTV launched in May, the company’s vision was to provide top-quality international programming to the 40 million residents in the US who were not born there or are still deeply rooted to their home countries. Today, YipTV enriches its commitment to change the way we watch TV by enhancing its free TV offer – including offering an unlimited mix of channels free with no credit card required at sign up.

In addition to the channels offered free for an unlimited time, the company is also offering new subscribers seven premium channels free for a week.

“Foreign-born residents here today and their family members have had limited access to TV channels in the US. They are thirsty to have access to top-quality TV at a reasonable price, which is why we are offering the YipTV service for free to start,” said YipTV CEO Michael Tribolet. “We’re giving them that choice with free unlimited access to 17 channels that we think will be more to their liking. We believe our range of channels featuring entertainment, sports, news, music and lifestyle content is a compelling reason for our audience to experience what YipTV has to offer, without having to do anything more than become a free member. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

YipTV also offers a “Premium Membership” service, that will include today’s 70-plus channels and new channels yet to come for $14.99 a month, which can be shared with subscribers’ family members on up to five devices, including smartphones, tablets and Internet connected TVs.

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