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FilmRise launches new Roku channels

August 18, 2015

Brooklyn-based film and TV distributor FilmRise launched several new streaming channels on the Roku platform. Each of these new channels offers free, instant streaming of curated film and TV content across a variety of genres – from acclaimed international cinema, to grindhouse classics, to special interest features and series.  FilmRise partnered with Float Left Interactive, an industry leader in TV app development solutions, to create the new channels that are available to consumers on Roku players and Roku TV models.

The new FilmRise channels that are now available on the Roku platform include: the primary channel FilmRise, FilmRise Cinematheque, which provides award-winning films from across the globe, and Mutant Sorority Pictures, which delivers grindhouse fun, such as the Troma classics. In addition to these new streaming channels that are now available on the Roku platform, FilmRise plans to launch additional streaming channels later in 2015 including FilmRise Paranormal, FilmRise True Crime and more.

“As our company continues its explosive growth, we are beyond thrilled to launch these exciting new channels on the Roku platform to provide millions of Roku customers with access to the plethora of content we’ve acquired and will continue to aggressively acquire for our streaming channels,” said FilmRise CEO Danny Fisher. “Furthermore, we’re proud of our partnership with Float Left Interactive, which has done a remarkable job in developing quality streaming channels to present our content to Roku customers.”

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