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South Africa: Weak Rand forces DStv rate hike

September 7, 2015

By Chris Forrester

South Africa’s weakening Rand and other currency problems in Africa has meant African pay-TV operator Multichoice is upping its subscription rates. Uganda and Kenya have already seen price hikes of 25 per cent, and reportedly South Africa’s own DStv service will be next.

MultiChoice Uganda’s general manager Charles Hamya says the country’s weak economy, especially the falling Uganda shilling is to blame for the DStv price increase and that MultiChoice absorbed losses for several months but can’t anymore.

Uganda’s currency has fallen by 32 per cent against the US dollar.

Kenya is worse. Subscribers to Multichoice Kenya had a price increase on April 1st, and will see about a 15 per cent rise in October.

South African subscribers are hoping for the best and that they will only have to pay up for one price rise each year. But Multichoice will only say that they hope the Rand – Dollar exchange rate crisis will “stabilise” and that prices can then stay as they are.

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