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Gracenote launches DVR Extend for live sports

September 9, 2015

Gracenote has confirmed the launch of its On Entertainment ‘DVR Extend’ feature for US-based cable and satellite operators.  This means that sports fans won’t have to pad their DVR recordings of the Stanley Cup by two hours only to miss the winning goal by a few seconds.

The new DVR Extend feature uses a combination of predictive analytics based on live game stats, historical sports data, TV schedules and human editors to automatically adjust the recording of a live sports game in the event that it goes past the scheduled broadcast time.  During each game, predictive updates will be delivered in real-time to cable and satellite customers to help them make the necessary adjustments to TV schedules and DVR recordings.

“There’s been tremendously positive response from the market to Gracenote Sports,” said Rich Cusick, general manager of Video for Gracenote.  “In a fiercely competitive environment, our global customers, including the world’s top cable and satellite operators, consumer electronics manufacturers and automakers, are constantly looking for ways to deliver greater value to their users by improving experiences around compelling content such as live sports.  We believe features like DVR Extend are the exact type of innovation that will differentiate them from their competitors and drive deeper engagement and loyalty among their users.”

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