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Eurofins digital test solution for MEDIA BROADCAST DVB-T2/HEVC and HbbTV rollout

September 15, 2015

Media and device testing specialists, Eurofins Digital Testing (formally Digital TV Labs) has announced that they are building a complete test suite covering DVB-T2/HEVC and HbbTV for MEDIA BROADCAST GmbH, Germany’s largest full-service provider for the broadcast and media industry. Additionally, MEDIA BROADCAST has licensed Eurofins Digital Testing’s industry-standard Ligada iSuite for HbbTV, and the two organisations are collaborating to develop specific tests for the imminent German DVB-T2 platform roll out.

MEDIA BROADCAST currently delivers content over a DVB-T network to 7.6 million German households and serves public and commercial broadcasters; TV and radio production companies; cable network operators; media authorities, as well as a number of private enterprises and public institutions. In order to launch its DVB-T2/HEVC based content service, MEDIA BROADCAST required interoperability with customer’s iDTVs, set-top-boxes and consumer devices using the enhanced capability offered by HbbTV. As the world’s leading developer of DVB and HbbTV test suites, Eurofins Digital Testing will use their expert knowledge to create a receiver specification and develop DVB-T2/HEVC test suites. They will also develop a German HbbTV profile specification along with a supporting HbbTV test suite that will fully test all of the specific requirements of the advanced German DTT network.

The Ligada iSuite for HbbTV test tool provides test coverage for all of the technology foundations of the MEDIA BROADCAST deployment, including HEVC, CI+ CAM support via the SAS (Specific Application Support), as well as multiple DRM test suites.  Ligada iSuite technology is licensed by all of the top 10 worldwide TV manufacturers and its advanced automation test environment assures maximum testing efficiency.

Eurofins Digital Testing consultants have been engaged on a number of DVB-T2 roll-outs worldwide and will work with MEDIA BROADCAST and other stakeholders to leverage their expert knowledge in developing a new receiver specification. This project will ensure that the German consumer has the widest choice of low-cost receiver devices, with guaranteed comprehensive functionality.

The DVB-T2 platform that MEDIA BROADCAST offers will provide viewers with digital-terrestrial television even in HD quality, as well as more simple and cost-effective content availability. It is a hybrid platform that utilises HbbTV technology and allows the delivery of additional OTT channels and applications. First DVB-T2 services will be launched in the 1st half of year 2016 and in the meantime, the technology is tested with pilot projects in Berlin and the Cologne/Bonn region as well as in Munich.

“The consumer fully expects to view content anytime and on any device, and for all services to work flawlessly every time” said Holger Meinzer, CCO at MEDIA BROADCAST . “In order to deliver the depth of services that our platform offers with guaranteed quality, we needed an interoperability solution that meets our specific needs but builds on trusted, deployed technology. By working with Eurofins Digital Testing, we have chosen an expert in this sector as they are able to offer us the most comprehensive, quality solution using their in-house DVB test IPR and Ligada iSuite technology to rapidly innovate now, as well as provide opportunities for the future.”

Andy Hickman, Eurofins Digital Testing’s CEO commented that:“The need to provide comprehensive interoperable solutions that provide secure delivery of content on a range of different devices is a growing trend for market leaders like MEDIA BROADCAST and other operators all over the world. Our expert knowledge of DVB-T2 and HbbTV receiver testing and specifications combined with the power of the Ligada iSuite test platform allows us to deliver a fit-for-purpose, quality assurance solution for MEDIA BROADCAST.”

With a soft roll out planned to coincide with the UEFA Euro 2016 football tournament, and a commercial launch in the 1st quarter of 2017, MEDIA BROADCAST is ensuring that its current and future content interoperability needs are fully met at an exciting time for the business, and the industry as a whole.



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