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Netflix orders first Italian original series

October 6, 2015

Netflix has confirmed its first original series from Italy, entitled Suburra. The series is to be produced by Italian producer, Cattelya, in collaboration with Italian public service broadcaster, Rai.

Suburra, which translates to “slums,” will be a 10-episode crime series set on the Roman coast, and will tell the story of a battle over a seaside town near Rome that is set to be converted into a gambling haven. The story is based on a book by the same name, written by Giancarlo De Cataldo and Carlo Bonini.

Suburra will premiere globally on Netflix in 2017, but the story will begin with a feature film that will be in Italian cinemas on October 14th, as well as Netflix in the Americas. Rai will air the series after its debut on Netflix in Italy.

“Being on Netflix means a lot to me,” comments Sollima. “Not only will my film be part of a selection of high-quality feature films and groundbreaking TV series of which I am a huge fan, but it will also have the opportunity to reach a wide international public. I am proud and excited that on October 14th, Suburra will be seen in the Americas, simultaneously with its release in Italian theatres.”

Erik Barmack, Vice President at Netflix, said Suburra will be “enthralling story that will appeal to Netflix members in Italy and worldwide.”

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