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Charter tests Cisco’s remote DVR technology

October 19, 2015

By Colin Mann

Cable MSO Charter Communications is testing a new ‘remote DVR’, according to an FCC filing from Cisco in support of the proposed Charter/Time Warner Cable merger.

Cisco and Charter Communications, the fourth-largest cable operator in the United States, entered into a strategic agreement January 2015 through which Cisco will supply key products in support of Charter’s breakthrough next-generation video solution.

For Charter, the products include Cisco’s cloud-based security suite, including downloadable security solution (DCAS) for set-top boxes, and seamless digital rights management (DRM) solution to support video services on a range of IP devices.

“Cisco currently is working with Charter on a remote DVR trial for IP video to the home, and on backbone and regional access network upgrades to enhance Charter’s ability to support streamed video traffic through its network to the customer premises,” Cisco says in the filing.

Charter currently supports third-party DVRs that store recordings on the box and some remote scheduling capabilities, but not cloud storage.

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