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SpotX partners with Moat

October 23, 2015

Video inventory management platform, SpotX, has partnered with independent ad analytics company, Moat, to measure viewability and performance metrics across inventory sold through its platform.

The partnership adds additional insights to help SpotX platform customers optimise their inventory, target their campaigns, and meet the viewability demands of buyers, which are rapidly increasing, according to VP of Demand at SpotX, Kelly McMahon.

“As quarter three of 2015 got underway, we noticed an immediate shift in buying behaviour, with many brands and agencies tightening the screws on viewability requirements,” McMahon said. “Our partnership with Moat will allow publishers to optimise inventory to meet evolving buyer expectations, and help the market improve inventory performance.”

SpotX deploys Moat’s analytics, along with data from other vendors, as part of its Infrastructure & Analytics service to give customers insights to verify campaign delivery, brand safety and viewability.

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