Advanced Television

Voddler Group partners with Vubiquity

October 23, 2015

Voddler Group, the cloud-streaming innovator, and Vubiquity, a provider of premium content services, have entered into a long-term partnership to allow Vubiquity to use Voddler’s next-generation distribution network. The partnership will enable the delivery of video content to consumers in Asia, particularly in regions with poor or low connectivity.

The partnership leverages Voddler’s VoddlerNet, a patented, peer-assisted video delivery solution. VoddlerNet combines controlled peer-to-peer with direct video streaming from the source provider. The result is a unique hybrid streaming solution that greatly expands the reach of streaming video services and enhances the Quality of Experience (QoE), providing a perfect solution for regions with limited and congested networks.

“The growth of video content consumption globally has surpassed a critical inflection point, where demand is outpacing the ability to deliver great content in a great way,” said Voddler Group’s CEO, Adam H. Lewis. “Video consumers around the world are demanding constant access to premium and original content, with a consistently excellent playback experience.

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