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Ericsson captioning for ANC

November 4, 2015

Ericsson has signed a multi-year news captioning contract with ANC, the Australian news service provider. Ericsson will provide live captioning services for Sky News Live and Sky News Business, which are broadcast to 2.8 million homes across Australia on subscription television provider Foxtel.

As part of the contract, Ericsson will also provide captioning services for Sky News-produced bulletins on Qantas flights. The captions will be delivered as an as-live service to ensure the news is as current and up-to-date as possible.

Ericsson now provides captioning services for four of the six national TV news outlets in Australia.

Angelos Frangopoulos, CEO, ANC, says: “We look forward to working with Ericsson to expand our captioning services and explore new technology to further improve the quality and availability of live captioning.”

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