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UK broadband prices falling, line rental rising

November 5, 2015

Steadily increasing line rental charges in the UK have been masked by falling prices for broadband services according to a report from

With many providers now offering ‘free’ broadband deals, the average monthly cost has decreased by 73 per cent since 2009. However, the average line rental price has risen by 56 per cent over the same period, leaving many consumers confused about what they will actually end up paying each month.

At face value, the rapid increase in line rental prices may seem alarming – especially as this cost usually appears in the small print and often goes unnoticed by the customer until they start paying for it. In reality, this is not the case.

Once broadband and line rental prices have been combined, the total average cost currently sits at £19.84 per month – ever–so slightly less than the £20.19 average in 2009. This is in fact lower than the inflation rate which would have seen the cost rise to £24.19.

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