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Vision247 launches VisionTV UK app

November 10, 2015

Broadcast specialist Vision247 has announced the launch of its VisionTV UK app available globally for iOS and Android devices. The app will facilitate a live stream of all 20+ channels available on VisionTV.

VisionTV consists of more than 20 free-to-air channels, allowing viewers to watch a wide variety of both UK and international programmes covering entertainment, sport, news, religion and shopping. The service is accessible through Freeview, online, via EETV and now via app.

Alongside the launch of the app, Vision247 introduced two additional channels; Sino TV and Sikh channel. SinoTV is the leading English language media platform, dedicated to improving understanding between China and UK, through engaging and entertaining TV and radio. The Sikh channel aims to unite millions of Sikhs around the world and share the religion’s message.

Tanya Vidmar, Vision247 said “As portable TV viewing increases we wanted to ensure that our TV service is available to all our customers no matter where they are, when they are accessing it or what device they are using. We introduced the VisionTV UK app to tap into this connected audience and evolve our offering in line with the multiscreen revolution”

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