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Satellite shares under pressure

November 18, 2015

Satellite share prices are not quite flavour of the month at the moment, and each of the ‘big three’ operators (Intelsat, SES and Eutelsat) have suffered significant share price falls over the past few weeks. However, London-based Avanti is suffering more than most.

The past month has seen Avanti Communications fall back from 256.7p on the London AIM exchange to just 222.75p on November 17th. Indeed, at one point on November 17th its share price hit 217p. The situation is worse if you compare its current price with that of almost a year ago (on November 27th 2014) when its stock was trading at 321p a share.

But Avanti isn’t alone. Intelsat’s highly volatile share price fell back almost 2 per cent on November 17th, to $6.09, and this is a share price that was trading at $17.60 a year ago. Even three months ago Intelsat was trading around the $10 mark.

It is a similar story with Luxembourg-based SES. Six months ago SES was trading at almost €35. November 17th saw something of a pick-up in its price from €26.25 to – at one point – €26.93.

Paris-based Eutelsat is in a not-dissimilar position, suffering something of a roller-coaster ride these past weeks and falling from €32.35 down to $25.34, then rising back up to €30.88 on October 16th only to tumble back to barely €28 on November 16th (after the Paris atrocities) and steadily climbing back to €29.30 on November 17th.

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