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Netflix blames Telefonica for streaming failures

November 23, 2015

From David Del Valle in Madrid

Netflix has made it clear who is to blame for the technical failures that some Spaniards experience during live broadcast of Champions League football matches: Telefónica.

Netflix is now encouraging Telefonica users to rise up against the company with demands for a better video quality transmission and appeal to the local consumers Associations to solve the problem.

Netflix has claimed that the low video quality for its users at peak times on the Telefonica is down to the network and he Spanish telco must improve to avoid technical failures.

“We hope Movistar will take the right decision and offer the Internet experience that it has promised to its clients. Internet video is the most popular application in broadband networks and the reason why many consumers take on or improve their Internet connections”, said the company in a statement.

Netflix has proposed Movistar  work with them  to connect their networks as others have. “We spoke to Spain’s Internet Providers long before our launch and we offered them to connect with our network without any cost. All accepted except for Movistar”, explained the company.

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