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Farncombe to assess AACS2 security for UHD Blu-ray

December 8, 2015

Cartesian has announced that Farncombe, its wholly owned subsidiary and specialist in digital video, was appointed by AACS LA as the first Authorised Robustness Consultant (ARC) able to help manufacturers ensure the security of their next generation Ultra HD Blu-ray players meets the robustness requirements of the AACS2 Licences for implementations of the recently-released AACS2 specifications. Manufacturers are expected to launch hundreds of these devices over the next few years.

Advanced Access Content System 2 (AACS2), the latest content protection technology for securing Ultra HD content on physical media, is now available to companies interested in licensing the technology. Companies involved in distributing content can license AACS2 while licensed adopters can manufacture and sell products that are AACS2 compliant.

The Authorised Robustness Consultant is a new role in the Blu-ray ecosystem with responsibility for assessing security robustness of Ultra HD Blu-ray devices. As an ARC, Farncombe will play a critical role in the AACS2 Product Compliance and Certification process.

“AACS LA, LLC is pleased to welcome Farncombe to the group of companies that are working to deliver the amazing experience of Ultra HD Blu-ray to consumers,” said Don Leake, Co-Manager of AACS LA, LLC. “The security of content is vitally important for the continuing availability of high quality entertainment, and Farncombe¹s track record in this area is well known and speaks for itself.”

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