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Free choice of router in Germany

December 8, 2015

Internet users in Germany will soon be able to choose which modem or router to use for their broadband connection. The German government has abolished ISP locking. Until now some network operators approved only their own routers or modems on connections they provided. As a result, users had to make do without certain functions and with security gaps in their terminal equipment. Now consumers will be able to choose freely whether to buy a router adjusted to their demands in retail or continue to use the router provided with their Internet connection.

According to the German government, the new law is supposed to improve consumer choice and encourage competition among manufacturers to produce the best terminal devices. As in mobile communications, where there are a multitude of mobile phones and smartphones to choose from, users will now also be able to choose their terminal device for DSL, cable or fiber optics according to their needs and wishes.

The Association of Manufacturers of Terminal Equipment in Telecommunications and many consumer organizations welcome the new telecommunications law for terminal devices in Germany. It clearly states that the public telecommunication network ends at the socket on the wall (passive network termination point). This technologically neutral approach ensures freedom of choice, no matter the user’s choice of access technology.

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