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Advertisers try and block 6 new DTT channels

January 27, 2016

From David Del Valle in Madrid

The Spanish Association of Advertisers is trying to block the award of 6 new DTT channels on the grounds that it is to the benefit of the current Mediaset-Atresmedia duopoly and against competition.

The Advertisers have appealed against the awarding of the licences in a process that did not take into account “the excesive concentration of the (TV) offer from two media groups (Mediaset and Atresmedia) forming a duopoly with over 86 per cent of the advertising investment”. At the same time, the advertisers argue that both groups have a poor compliance record and have been fined for not meeting the conditions imposed by the competition Authorities on their mergers with Cuatro and La Sexta, respectively.

The Advertisers Association believes that the current awarding of licences will increase the duopoly, hindering competition and threatening the survival of other operators. The advertisers demand the entry of new TV operators to guarantee pluralism and more advertising opportunities.

The Government approved the awarding of the six DTT licences (3 x SD and 3 x HD) to Atresmedia and Mediaset (1 x HD each), media group Secuoya, 13 TV and radio group Radio Blanca (1 x SD DTT channel each). With the awarding of the new DTT licences, Mediaset will operate a total of seven TV channels and Atresmedia six.

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