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Vodafone Spain: Revenues down, subs up

February 5, 2016

From David Del Valle in Madrid

In the last quarter of 2015, Vodafone Spain saw its revenues fall by 1.3 per cent to €1.256 billion from the same period the previous year with revenues per service dropping by 3.1 per cent to €1.116 billion.

The company did manage however to surpass 1 million TV subscribers after adding 100,000 new customers in the last quarter. The convergent offer Vodafone One achieved to capture 360,000 subs for a total of 1.14 million.

Vodafone’s FTTH subs increased by 89,000 to 1.9 million with total broadband customers reaching 2.96 million.

The company is speeding up the deployment of next generation networks with its 4G infrastructure covering 89.7 per cent of the population. 8.2 million homes are currently passed with its optic fibre.

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