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Discovery chooses M-Three SatCom for Deejay TV broadcastings

February 11, 2016

M-Three SatCom  Spa signed an agreement with Discovery Italia ensuring Deejay TV broadcastings over the next three years on Hot Bird 13 Est, one of the main satellites for TV and radio broadcasts.

This deal confirms M-Three’s reliability and renowned know-how on a global level, which makes it the best partner for all TV and radio networks around the world. Deejay TV broadcasting agreement includes gathering and broadcasting of the signal -from M3 Milan primary teleport and accessing Eutelsat Hot Bird satellite, operated by M-Three, its official broadcaster.

M-Three continues its constant development as the company recently released new broadcasting services for its digital platforms in Milan and Rome, allowing its clients and partners to reach beyond Europe, covering Northern Africa and the Middle East, as well as Oceania and the Far East.

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