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Court blocks Singapore pirate site

February 17, 2016

By Colin Mann

ISPs in Singapore have been ordered to take down a web site which offers free streaming of a range of US film and TV shows in the first court action in Singapore since the government amended the Copyright Act in December 2014, enabling content owners to seek a High Court order to require ISPs to block piracy web sites.

The Motion Picture Association asked Singapore’s High Court to order the blocking of The court found the site to be “flagrantly infringing” intellectual property. The site boasted that it offered a total of 51,236 movies and 5,793 TV shows for free streaming.

MPA Asia Pacific president and managing director Mike Ellis said: “It is important that the creative industries are able to work via Singapore’s High Court to take a reasonable step forward to limit content theft,” adding that piracy websites not only stifle the growth of legal online platforms for movies and television shows, they may also pose a risk of malware infection.

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