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Advantech, Vantrix 4K encoding partnership

February 19, 2016

Advantech and Vantrix have announced that the Advantech VEGA-3300 4K Live HEVC Encoding Accelerator has been integrated into the Vantrix Media Platform, bringing the benefits of low power broadcast quality HEVC live compression into high density multiscreen applications.

“The powerful combination of Advantech and Vantrix technology brings more efficient broadcast quality HEVC live encoding to deliver the highest density of 4K media processing on the Vantrix Media Platform,” said Brian Carr, Strategic Product Development and Marketing Director for Advantech. “The physically small and low power nature of our product lends itself well to scalable mobile and multiscreen applications and you will see more exciting announcements about higher density options later in 2016.”

“We are particularly impressed by the ability to handle 4K live HEVC encoding in such a small, low power package,” said Jean Mayrand, President and CEO of Vantrix. “In addition to the multiscreen, mobile optimisation and broadcast delivery applications supported by the Vantrix Media Platform, this technology enables some of our new and exciting immersive 360-degree Virtual Reality experiences to be delivered to mobile devices.”

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