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Dutch pay-TV ops combat piracy

February 23, 2016

By Colin Mann

Dutch pay-TV operators are teaming up in an effort to detect and combat more effectively illegal TV viewing.

In particular, they are targeting control word sharing and streaming which they say lead to economic and social damage and harm the entire media sector, including creators and rights holders, producers, broadcasters and providers of legal packages. As a consequence, they say action needs to be taken against such activities.

The plan will include improved detection of illegal TV viewing, which the operators co-operating and sharing information with police and legal authorities. The group notes that a number of pirate operators, first arrested by police in December 2013, are currently on trial, with judgement expected in the spring of 2016. The parties see these lawsuits as a good first step of the new approach.

The plan of action around the fight against pay-TV piracy is a joint initiative of NLkabel (the association of cable operators) and television providers such as CAIW, DELTA, M7 (Canal Digital and and Ziggo.


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