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GS Gamekit, Russian game console with HDTV support, now available

March 1, 2016

February 2016, marked the start of sales of the first Russian game console with HD set-top box functions – GS Gamekit. The new device, which is developed and manufactured by the GS Group holding company, is now available from the authorized dealers of the General Satellite equipment and Tricolor TV digital television service providers. Unique online video game tournaments on GS Gamekit with grand prizes will be launched in the second quarter of 2016, and will be available for users and sellers of the game console. The recommended retail price of GS Gamekit is 14,990 rubles.

Games from the world’s leading developers, such as Creative Mobile, Sperasoft, Handy Games, Herocraft, Amanita Design, Frogmind and Sigma Team, were prepared for the commercial release of the GS Gamekit game console. The Nitro Nation Stories races, Farm Invasion shooter, Ice Rage hockey simulator, Machinarium quest, Badland arcade and many other games on the Android OS, which have already gained popularity among gamers, will be available by subscription. The first 30 days of subscription are free of charge while the cost per year will be 990 Rubles. The game catalog for GS Gamekit will be updated on a weekly basis and by the end of 2016 users will see an expanded library of up to 100 games of various genres. The subscription package will include premium apps, which are currently fee-based on the other platforms, and have exclusive transmedia projects, which combine gaming functionality and interactive services within TV programs. The first transmedia project is a Real Russian Hunt game, which was developed by the First HDTV television company in cooperation with the game developer, Sperasoft. The project implies uniting gamers into one global gaming network across Russia for an even deeper viewer involvement in TV content through live broadcasting of ratings and promo codes that will extend the gamers’ capabilities.

A unique system of video game tournaments for GS Gamekit users will start in the second quarter of 2016. Gamers will have an opportunity to take part in mass online competitions and strive for grand prizes. Equipment dealers will also have a special incentive program with rewards for activity level of buyers involved in the gaming network. The first competition will be held with Nitro Nation Stories, a racing game developed by Creative Mobile.

The full functionality of GS Gamekit will be available when connected to the General Satellite server set-top box, but even without subscribing to satellite TV services, the device still remains a full-featured game console. GS Gamekit boasts Amlogic S812 Quad Core processor and an Eight Core Mali-450 graphics accelerator. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless interfaces are available for convenience. Console internal memory is 32 GB. The device dimensions are 128x105x33 mm. The GS Gamekit package includes the game console, gamepad, USB–micro USB and HDMI cables for streaming TV in HD format.

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