Advanced Television Introduces Agora Video

March 7, 2016, a communications as a service (CaaS) provider optimising global quality of experience for real-time voice and video communications, announced the general availability of Agora Video. Agora Video is a cloud offering that delivers premium multi-party video conferencing globally among mobile devices and WebRTC-compliant Web browsers. The global network, spanning over 70 data centres worldwide, automatically manages real-time performance for all video and voice sessions and dynamically routes real-time traffic around Internet bottlenecks to ensure premium quality of experience.

“As more organisations and application developers embed video and voice directly into their workflows, they quickly discover the quality and reliability challenges of simply relying on the Internet for real-time communications. Agora Video takes the headache out of deploying global and mobile communications by optimising quality of experience from the device through the ‘mobile last mile’ and across the Internet backbone.”

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