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EBS enables red button recordings on BT Sport

March 15, 2016

EBS, the full-service provider of EPG data for platforms and channels, is now providing BT Sport with data that enables the functionality to record events directly from its red button interactive service.

The packed schedules live sports competitions on BT Sport, including the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, mean that there can be up to eight matches being played simultaneously. In this instance, BT Sport will show the matches live on its main channels and also across the six channels on the BT Sport Extra red-button service. EBS has made significant developments to its Pawa software to provide BT Sport with the functionality for viewers to record not only the games on the main BT Sport channels, but also the additional games that are showing on the red button BT Sport Extra channels on the digital satellite platform.

Keith Bedford, EBS Managing Director says, “Our close relationship with BT Sport means that we can continue to adapt Pawa to meet the changing needs of its channels. Major sports competitions like the UEFA Champions League require a variety of options for viewers to be able to view and record the matches that they want to see. EBS is at the forefront of EPG data technology and is able to meet the demands of television services as they evolve.”

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