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Verimatrix ViewRight client security certification

April 13, 2016

Verimatrix, the specialist in securing and enhancing revenue for multi-network, multi-screen digital TV services, has provided more details of  its new tier of ViewRight client security certification.

Ultra Security certification ensures chipsets and devices can support ViewRight software security implementations that meet UHD content guidelines set by MovieLabs’ Specifications for Next Generation Video and Enhanced Content Protection. Chipset vendors, including Broadcom, Marvel, MStar and HiSilicon, have introduced families of SoCs that support Ultra Security, and the Verimatrix ecosystem of STB vendors are introducing designs based on these chipsets in order to emphasise their readiness to deliver systems that fully meet UHD security requirements.

Building on the framework of Standard Security and Advanced Security criteria, Ultra Security on UHD-enabled chipsets takes a multi-pronged approach to the requirements that essentially translates into three supporting pillars-hardware-based security, trusted software security, and forensic watermarking. Certified compliant SoCs have integrated Verimatrix VideoMark forensic watermarking technology into hardware to enable operators to securely, robustly and imperceptibly embed identifying information within copies of premium media content to help establish secure end-to-end chains of custody. Ultra Security also extends the certification Verimatrix has developed in partnership with Riscure to help pay-TV operators determine the UHD-readiness of their chipsets by validating the security of the technology within their consumer equipment.

“MovieLabs’ specifications have set the bar for distributing premium content at UHD quality very high, with stringent requirements needed for studio approval. Ultra Security gives operators confidence that leading vendors of UHD-capable chipsets are adhering to guidelines that have been developed in response to studios’ priorities,” said Petr Peterka, CTO at Verimatrix. “Ultra Security certification for client devices uniquely ensures a balanced, integrated approach to software and hardware subsystems that provides a formidable barrier to piracy in a form that can be updated as threat models evolve.”

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