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SPI launches FunBox 4K and more in Americas

April 14, 2016

SPI International is bringing its new 4K channel, FunBox, and 12+ thematic TV channels to the Americas.

FunBox 4K/UHD is one of the world’s first television channels broadcast in Ultra HD quality. It is currently broadcast from the Eutelsat’s HOT BIRD satellite and carried by Vodafone in Portugal and Spain. The channel will soon be aired in the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

In addition to FunBox 4K/UHD, SPI International’s worldwide pay TV portfolio includes 12+ thematic channels: FilmBox Arthouse (arthouse/independent films), FightBox (martial arts/live MMA events), DocuBox (documentaries), FashionBox (fashion/shopping), Fast&FunBox (adrenaline sports/adventure), 360TuneBox (independent music/art of video), MadscreenBox (interactive/gaming), Kino Polska International (ethnic/Polish cinema), Kino Polska Muzyka (ethnic/Polish music), FilmBox Russia (ethnic/Russian movies).

SPI is also about to launch channels in the Caribbean with two operators in Trinidad & Tobago and Haiti.

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