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SoftAtHome facilitates content integration in STBs for enhanced 4K TV experience

April 21, 2016

SoftAtHome, a software provider for operator CPE devices enabling convergent services for the digital home, announced today that it has integrated several 4K services for its tier-one operator customers, amongst which Netflix, Canalplay and OCS.

Netflix, in particular, will enrich this Set Top Box 4K offering with a wide variety of Movies, TV Series, Documentaries, independent films, stand-up comedies and a wide range of kids’ titles.

“Netflix is a major service for the end-user, who wants to benefit from a complete Internet TV experience, at the highest resolution quality” said Michel Degland, CEO of SoftAtHome. “We are proud to have achieved with great success the integration of Netflix in 4K set-top box. This positions SoftAtHome as a preferred reference for Netflix integration and certification. Our experience will enable accelerated time to market and higher in-field quality for Operators who will want to offer the Netflix service on their Set-Top-Box.”

SoftAtHome platform integrates broadcast TV with IPTV and Digital Terrestrial TV, via Wi-Fi. It also integrates HTML5 content to deliver a complete TV experience on all screens at home and outside the home. Thanks to SoftAtHome software, operators are able to offer advanced capabilities to their subscribers in 4K, including Network PVR, Catch-up TV, VoD, timeshift.

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