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4C Insights multiscreen measurement

April 27, 2016

4C Insights has introduced its new Advertising Analytics product designed to empower brands with in-flight campaign insights for TV ads. Armed with this intelligence, marketers can improve target audience delivery and lower effective CPM rates, says the company.

4C Advertising Analytics makes the media planning process more comprehensive and speeds up the measurement process with multi-screen media performance metrics. The SaaS offering is the only solution in the market that combines data from TV ad occurrences, cost, household viewership and social engagement at scale.

Through 4C Advertising Analytics, marketers can discover the networks and programs that share audience affinity for their brands as well as competitors. Once their campaigns are running they can use the product to verify that their ads are running in the right places, determine which ads are resonating best with their target audience, and visualize the impact on brand engagement via social media. Furthermore, the 4C solution offers deep competitive intelligence including creative performance and media plan analysis. As a result, marketers can understand the true impact of their campaigns and optimize schedules accordingly.

“We’ve worked with 4C for more than a year and we are continually impressed by their ability to transform disparate data sets into valuable insights,” said Matt Spiegel, SVP/GM, Data & Technology Solutions at MediaLink. “4C Advertising Analytics follows this same blueprint by bringing together several unique data sources to give marketers a detailed view into the performance of TV campaigns at a speed that allows for action.”

4C Advertising Analytics is built on an infrastructure that ingests and harmonizes data from four key sources, turning them into actionable outputs:
•    Television ad occurrence for delivery verification
•    TV cost to provide fiscal context
•    Household viewership for assessing tune-in
•    Social engagement to measure brand resonance
Powering 4C Advertising Analytics is Teletrax, 4C’s proprietary TV monitoring network with 2100+ channels across 76 countries and 4C’s proprietary social affinity database covering 1.5+ billion consumers on Facebook and Twitter.

“The release of Advertising Analytics represents an enormous milestone for 4C as we fuse social and TV data into a single, unified product,” explained 4C CEO, Lance Neuhauser. “As a result, brands and their agencies will gain access to insights that have never been previously available. This powerful ability to overlay rich data about TV viewing with social data enables a full understanding of media value from delivery to the impact on consumer behavior.”

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