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Another DTT retune in Spain

May 27, 2016

From David Del Valle in Madrid

The EU’s decision to reorganise the radio-electric spectrum within 28 members countries for the launch of 5G services will require 15 million homes in Spain to retune their DTT aerials.

TV channels will have to move to a lower band bringing together a new DTT migration. Spain will have to readjust its DTT aerials once again in 2020 due to the release of the 700 MHz band for 4G and 5G Internet services in the forthcoming reorganisation of the radio-electric spectrum that Brussels is finalising.

Currently the 700 MHz band (between 694 and 790 MHz) is being used by DTT, which should move to a lower band to free it up driving to a new DTT retune of aerials, and even new TV sets before June 2020 affecting 15 million homes.

Spaniards already faced a DTT retune in the final quarter of 2014 that was completed in March 2015 to leave the 800 MHz band to mobile companies for 4G services with a cost of €286 million. Previously, in 2005, the analogue switch-off took place with the first DTT migration.

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