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Spain approves DTT reset funds

October 8, 2014

From David Del Valle in Madrid

Spaniards will have to pay in advance for the reset of their DTT aerials with an average cost of €150 per building as the €286 million funds approved by the government to finance it will not be available until January.

To get back the money, they will have to keep the invoice and send it through a reclaim platform specifically created for the purpose.

In Spain, the DTT retune will affect around 1 million buildings, 55 per cent of the total, representing 13 million homes with 26 million people. Each building will have to pay a minimum of €150 per channel and an additional €100 per each following channel up to 5 channels as maximum, making a total cost in some cases of €550 per building.

Broadcasters and even the domestic broadcasting agency Abertis Telecom are complaining about the short period of time to reset the DTT aerials as the process must be completed before January 1st. Broadcasters fear that some of their channels will be unavailable after that date if the process is not completed, dropping their viewing ratings and their ad revenues.

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