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Edgeware support for CMAF

June 17, 2016

Edgeware has confirmed support for the Common Media Application Format (CMAF), a media streaming format standardisation effort jointly led by Microsoft and Apple to streamline Internet video delivery.

MPEG recently released a statement from its 115th meeting, that it “has reached the first milestone for the CMAF specification.” CMAF defines a common container format for segmented media as well as presentation and media profiles. CMAF segments can be used in environments that support adaptive bitrate streaming of the media segments using HTTP(S) and any presentation description, such as DASH MPD Manifests and Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) Playlists.

“The same encrypted media segments can now be stored, cached and routed over the networks, regardless of the type of device or choice of browser. CDN’s are less efficient when users request the same media in many different format,” says Dr. Göran Appelquist, CTO at Edgeware. “Up until now you either had to store multiple versions of the same content or provide repackaging and encryption on the fly to reach the heterogeneous landscape of OTT devices. Having this format standardised will mean tremendous savings for our customers particularly in caching, repackaging and storage costs to support current and future playback devices.”

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