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BitTorrent News launches July 18

July 14, 2016

Following the introduction of BitTorrent Live, a multichannel OTT app based on proprietary live streaming technology, details of the much anticipated BitTorrent News have now been revealed.

BitTorrent News is a live-streaming TV news network that will be featured on BitTorrent Live starting July 18th. For news and sports, time is of the essence. BitTorrent News aims to be the destination for an informed, independent voice on the news in real-time as news breaks. BitTorrent News says it has a distinct advantage when scaling rapidly to large audiences in real-time without the need for expensive pre-provisioning, a near impossible feat during a rapidly developing news situation.

“Television news has been stagnating for some time,” offered Erik Schwartz, Vice President of Media for BitTorrent, “It’s having trouble appealing to a generation that grew up online. We’re building BitTorrent News to solve that problem. We are using superior data and tools and the Silicon Valley ethos of lean start-up to build a nimble news organisation that will learn quickly from user behaviour.”

“We are marrying the Internet’s principles of open access to information with society’s need for unfettered – and unfiltered – access to news,” offered Jeremy Johnson, co-CEO of BitTorrent, “Not to be too grandiose, but I’m really excited about our News initiative. I think what we’re doing is important for the world.”

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