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AMC Central Europe launching 3 new local services

August 8, 2016

AMC Networks International – Central Europe will launch three new local AMC feeds throughout the region starting 16th August. This includes dedicated 24-hour AMC channels serving audiences with unique programming in the Czech Republic/Slovakia, Romania and Slovenia.

The first dedicated AMC feed for Hungary was launched in December 2014 and proved to be a great success as viewership tripled within a few months. Now three dedicated AMC feeds in Romania, the Czech Republic/Slovakia and Slovenia will replace the Central European feed serving numerous countries and which has been in place since the channel’s launch in November 2014.

“AMC experienced tremendous local viewership growth in Hungary after the launch of our dedicated local feed,” said Levente B. Málnay, CEO of AMC Networks International – Central Europe. “We believe that launching dedicated AMC feeds in other Central European countries will provide even stronger connections to local audiences and will yield more outstanding results.”

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