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Pakistan gets tough with ‘pirate’ Indian channels

September 1, 2016

By Chris Forrester

Not for the first time Pakistan’s media regulator, PEMRA, is threatening tough action against unauthorised India satellite channels being carried on its cable networks. PEMRA is launching its own bouquet of satellite DTH channels in October.

BBC Monitoring is reporting that a meeting August 31st at PEMRA headquarters, the PEMRA chairman Absar Alam, told delegates that the regulator will check to ensure that no Indian content exceeds 6 minutes in any hour.

He asked the administrators of TV and cable operators to voluntarily follow the rules adopted during Musharraf era, otherwise punitive action will be taken starting October 15th.

Alam added that strict new import restrictions to control the import, sale, purchase and use of illegal Indian satellite dishes and equipment in Pakistan.  He also appealed to the general public to stop using illegal Indian dishes as it was violation of the law and against the national interests.

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