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HiSilicon to bring Dolby AC-4 to Ultra HD video chipset

September 11, 2016

HiSilicon, a global semiconductor company, in collaboration with Dolby Laboratories, has announced the inclusion of Dolby AC-4 technology in HiSilicon’s latest Ultra HD STB chipset, Hi3798CV200. HiSilicon’s Dolby AC-4 ready chipset is planned for the broadcast and IPTV industry by the end of Q4 2016.

A powerful new sound format in the Dolby AudioTM family, the Dolby AC-4 solution combines innovative object-based audio technology with outstanding compression efficiency. Built on decades of broadcast audio experience, Dolby AC-4 solves the challenges broadcasters face today, enabling delivery of high-quality experiences with more efficiency, providing seamless alternate language options, and enabling services for hearing-impaired and visually impaired audiences, while providing a flexible platform for innovative broadcast and Internet OTT solutions. With powerful CPU and GPU capabilities, Dolby Vision HDR capability, and Dolby AC-4 next-generation audio technology, Hi3798CV200 will provide customers with breathtaking user experiences.

“We are excited to collaborate with our partners at Dolby Laboratories to implement Dolby AC-4 technology in our latest UHD STB chipset and provide our end-users with extraordinary experiences,” said John Liu, General Manager of HiSilicon STB. “With more than 25-years experience in the semiconductor industry and 11-years in the STB market, we remain focused on sustaining growth for pay-TV operators by offering our cost-effective solutions and value-added services to protect their investments.”

“By adding Dolby AC-4 to its latest UHD STB chipset, HiSilicon will offer dramatically enhanced experiences powered by Dolby’s latest audio and visual technologies,” said Mathias Bendull, Vice President, Broadcast Consumer Audio, Dolby Laboratories. “Collaborating with HiSilicon will expand our market reach and bring consumers one step closer to next generation broadcast experiences.”

As UHD permeates the market, HiSilicon will provide the industry with a UHD chipset portfolio that ranges from entry level to high end 8K solutions. HiSilicon has taken the needs of the industry into account when developing a real UHD-ready solution, including key features such as advanced security architecture (secure boot, Trusted Execution Environment, Secure Video Path, 3rd party secure IP, etc.), industrial leading forensic watermarking, main stream HDR solutions and Dolby AC-4 next-generation audio technology.

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