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Antronix launches eHFC broadband delivery technology

September 28, 2016

With its latest product innovation, Intercept eHFC, Antronix will surge ahead of the field in providing technological solutions to the broadband industry’s growing data demands.  The new optical Ethernet hybrid fiber coaxial (eHFC) network platform significantly increases data throughput in Node + 0 architectures – without requiring additional QAMs or OFDM channels.  Intercept eHFC product lines will provide end-to-end network solutions that preserve legacy spectrum for native video and enhanced content, while complementing DOCSIS with symmetrical xPON capacity and data redundancy.

“We believe Intercept eHFC follows in the line of succession that includes the important innovations of DOCSIS 3.1 and remote PHY, and that it will be a natural complement to current approaches that seek to extend the viability of HFC architectures for decades to come,” said Antronix president, Neil Tang.  “As technology providers, we face the inevitable challenge of using and effectively leveraging RF spectrum above 1218 MHz in the coming years.  With its unique chipset architecture and robust modulation platform, Intercept eHFC meets that challenge head on right now.”

The chipset technology at the heart of Intercept’s innovation converts Ethernet to Ultra Wide Band RF at the fiber node, and leverages high frequency RF spectrum above 3 GHz for last leg data communications. With the chipset, Antronix customers will be able to use high capacity optical Ethernet or xPON links to provide multi-Gigabit symmetrical data services to their subscribers. These data services will be fully programmable in the upstream and downstream.  Further, Intercept merges eHFC data and DOCSIS data into a single home interface for significantly enhanced symmetrical throughput and data redundancy.

“We see this new platform as complementary approach to DOCSIS 3.1 investments that have propelled cable service providers beyond the previously thought realm of possibilities when it comes to cost effectively delivering Gigabit services – without taking the costly leap to FTTP or all IP delivery,” added Tang.

Intercept eHFC components will be compatible with existing and next generation 3.1 DOCSIS cable modems, and MoCA 1.0 and 2.0, and will not require a CMTS upgrade.  This will mean significant savings and preservation of valuable spectrum between 5 MHz and 1218 MHz. The Intercept line of products will become commercially available in 2017.

Antronix designs and manufactures a wide breadth of innovative broadband products including addressable multi-taps for multiple dwelling units, optical nodes, amplifiers, line passives, subscriber passives, and grounding hardware. Antronix has been known for unparalleled product reliability, innovation, and the company’s “engineering for manufacturing” philosophy for more than 35 years.

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