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UK citizens demand better broadband

September 30, 2016

According to research by ComRes, half of UK adults (50 per cent) say, when thinking about the  potential benefits to them/their family, upgrading Britain’s national broadband network should be the Government’s main priority out of all the projects tested.

The poll, commissioned by the campaign to ‘Fix  Britain’s Internet’, found that that the demand to prioritise better broadband (50 per cent) dramatically outstrips  Britons’ appetite for Hinkley Point C nuclear power station (16 per cent), a new runway for an airport in the South East of England (11 per cent) and HS2 (9 per cent).

The poll also starkly highlighted that British adults are concerned about the impact of the monopoly-status of  Britain’s broadband on consumers, with three in five (61 per cent) saying that one broadband provider owning and  controlling the national broadband network would have a negative impact on consumers in Britain. A  significant minority (37 per cent) also agree that it is a concern that their internet connection may not be able to cope  with their future technological needs.

On September 29th it was revealed that Sharon White, the CEO of Ofcom, had so far received over 75,000 responses  to the consultation into major reforms of Openreach (the network division of BT) – one of the largest public  responses to an Ofcom consultation ever recorded. Politicians from across the country have also seen vocal  support for rapid improvements to British broadband, with all MPs having had at least one letter from a  constituent backing the campaign.

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