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Bidslate launches content rights marketplace

October 20, 2016

Colin Mann @ MIPCOM

Suggesting that it is revolutionising the process of transacting global media rights and distribution, BidSlate has launched, offering both buyers and sellers what it says is a secure, transparent marketplace to negotiate, buy and sell film rights.

According to co-founders Roland Rojas and Jesse Scolaro, each year, thousands of high-quality independent films, documentaries, shorts, and series are produced, but the current international sales model leaves many independent distributors and filmmakers out of the loop because of excessive costs and a cumbersome, opaque process. Backed by several years of research and development and created by long-time film industry veterans, the BidSlate platform looks to transform the process of negotiating and transacting rights by facilitating the process.

Claiming to be secure, convenient and accessible for both global buyers and content owners, BidSlate verifies all members through a quick and simple registration process. Once approved, sellers can upload their media and metadata; and, through a dynamic search engine, buyers have access to a broad content library searchable by specific purchasing needs. Transparency between parties follows, with BidSlate further simplifying the process by generating a transaction-specific, industry-standard distribution agreement, and selecting a globally-trusted cross-border payments company, Payoneer, for escrow.

For filmmakers, BidSlate offers an A-to-Z solution, easily paving the road to distribution, according to the company. And with the ability to sell territorial rights on an a la carte basis, revenues can be maximised geographically. BidSlate is in the process of finalising agreements with some of the best post-production and delivery partners in the industry. BidSlate also offers filmmakers a one-stop solution for delivering their content to global buyers, making the entire process seamless and comprehensive.

For buyers, BidSlate means instant access to an international film marketplace that never closes, declares the company. With thousands of annual film festivals, it’s nearly impossible, costly and inefficient to access, track, negotiate and purchase content easily, it says, suggesting that BidSlate offers content distributors numerous easy-to-use tools certain to simplify the entire rights purchase process; immediate streaming of entire films anywhere and anytime; contact sellers via the in-platform messaging system with purchase-specific questions; make bids and secure deals with sellers directly from the platform.

“Working hand-in-hand with both buyers and sellers, we’ve spent several years working on the BidSlate platform in order to offer a secure and efficient marketplace for global film sales,” says Rojas. “Given our varied experiences in indie films, we understand the importance of supporting filmmakers and getting their films in front of the widest possible audience. Though we may be viewed as an industry disruptor, our objective is to offer a simple, transparent and cost-effective alternative to the current industry model.”

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