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TVI negotiates DTT reduction with PT Portugal

January 17, 2017

From Branislav Pekic in Rome

Portuguese commercial broadcaster TVI has reached an agreement with national DTT network operator Meo to reduce the fee paid for the distribution of its TV channel.

Although the price agreed was not revealed, a Meo source explained that the reduction of carriage fees reflects the changes in the spectrum occupied by each broadcaster on the DTT multiplexes.

The renegotiation of the contracts with national broadcasters RTP, TVI and SIC (with whom negotiations are still ongoing), came after the addition of two new channels from RTP in December 2016.

Meanwhile, Portugal’s National Communications Authority (Anacom) and the Regulatory Authority for the Media (ERC) will jointly prepare several studies on the expansion of the DTT offer by June 1st.

According to information published in Portugal’s Official Gazette, the studies will focus on the adequacy of the spectrum available for DTT; the evolution of the technological standards; the possible use of HD; the system and procedure for the awarding of licences; and guarantees for the transmission of the remaining public service channels.

The studies will also identify the advantages and disadvantages of DTT in relation to competing platforms; analyse the current state of DTT in Portugal, identifying the strong and weak points of the operation; and evaluate the key factors for the success of DTT, with the intention of guaranteeing a diversified offer for consumers.

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