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EPIX, YuppTV apps for TiVo

January 25, 2017

Entertainment network EPIX has reveaed it will offer EPIX content through an app that enables authenticated subscribers to access its library of more than 2,000 Hollywood movies on TiVo devices.

The app will first launch with Atlantic Broadband, the ninth-largest cable operator in the US. Any Atlantic Broadband customer with a TiVo device will be able to use the new EPIX app to enjoy nearly six times more EPIX content than previously available. Additional National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC) cable systems with TiVo set-top box service deployed will have access to the EPIX app.

The EPIX app will provide viewers with streaming access via TiVo set-top boxes to its original series  Berlin Station and Graves, its original documentary programming including “America Divided” and thousands of movie titles on-demand. Those movies include big movie franchises like The Hunger Games, James Bond, and Star Trek, original documentaries, music and comedy events featuring marquee talent like Katy Perry, Craig Ferguson, Louis CK, Wanda Sykes and more.

“EPIX and TiVo share a common history as part of the digital revolution and fundamental view that making it easy for consumers to access content and watch great entertainment should be a top priority,” said Mark Greenberg, President and CEO of EPIX. “EPIX was created to offer premium content across new platforms and we are pleased to work with TiVo and Atlantic Broadband to provide subscribers even greater value. Going forward, we are excited to partner with other members of the NCTC to provide access to the EPIX app on their TiVo set-top boxes.”

Additionally, YuppTV, a specialist in streaming content from South Asia, has also announced the global launch of its app on TiVo devices.

YuppTV is available on TiVo Series 5 & 6 devices. As TiVo is also used by many pay-TV operators in US and other parts of the world as their set-top-box, YuppTV would extend its reach to millions of households. The app is available on Mediacom’s TiVo device.

“We are thrilled to have our app available to Mediacom customers because we know that those customers with a TiVo device know what they want to watch and they watch on their schedule. We are thrilled that these customers will be able to access their favourite South Asian programing via the YuppTV app,” said Uday Reddy, CEO and Founder, YuppTV.

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