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Vodafone debuts 4K channels and VoD

February 23, 2017

From David Del Valle in Madrid

Vodafone Spain is launching a new 4K TV service with five TV channels (10 by year end ) and VoD content for subscribers with convergent packages, like Vodafone One.

The five new channels are Odisea 4K, Festival 4K, FunBox UHD, Insight TV and Slow Channel – and one 4K transmission of the best football match of La Liga every week.

The company will be the first in the country to offer 4K VoD content with 850 titles including films, TV series and documentaries.

Vodafone is also offering access to over 20,000 products in their integrated services (including TV channels, videoclub, HBO and Netflix) allowing its subscribers to pause live TV, watch catch-up content from the last 7 days and record up to 350 hours in the cloud.

Vodafone Spain has currently 1.2 million TV subscribers.

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