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Celeno and Realtek bring 4K wireless STB reference design to market

March 1, 2017

Celeno Communications, a provider of smart, managed Wi-Fi solutions, have announced a joint reference design with Realtek for 4K wireless set-top boxes. The solution is enabled by Celeno’s CL2440 4×4 802.11ac wave 2 Wi-Fi chip and Realtek’s RTD1295 SoC for 4K set-top boxes.

The joint reference design allows for high performance wireless set-top-boxes with an ultra-small-form-factor chassis enabled by energy efficient Wi-Fi design. The CL2440, an energy efficient PCIe Wi-Fi radio, eliminates the need for additional external memories and boasts a small package size which together drive down solution size and cost. Its unique embedded Smart Antenna Steering (SAS) technology allows for smart antenna arrays to increase diversity and overall Wi-Fi performance for flicker free video.

“We are excited to partner with Realtek for high performing wireless set-top box solutions” said Lior Weiss, VP Marketing of Celeno. “Together, we will drive a new breed of high performing, cost effective ultra-small form factor wireless set-top boxes that will allow service providers to offer more appealing devices that can be flexibly installed anywhere in the house and improve user satisfaction.”

“Our customers demand very powerful performance, but they want that performance with the economic efficiency they’ve come to expect from Realtek products,” said Realtek Vice President and Spokesman, Yee-Wei Huang. “The cost effective structure and high performance of the combined solution of Realtek’s RTD1295 SoC and Celeno’s CL2440 silicon allow us to deliver a significant step forward in 4K wireless set-top boxes, while simultaneously providing best in class efficiency that sets our product apart from competitors and maintains high levels of customer satisfaction.”

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