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Alticast secures 4K UHD content on Windows

April 13, 2017

Multi-screen solutions Alticast has significantly extended the security capabilities of the Alticast AltiProtect product to 4K UHD content running on Windows platforms.

Alticast has integrated Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX) technology into the AltiProtect Multi-DRM product to eliminate exposure to untrusted areas, enable secure delivery of 4K UHD online video content from servers to client devices, and prevent copying of content from GPU memory.

Using multiple security mechanisms, AltiProtect enables a transparent customer experience and a single point of control for delivery of content streams from multiple sources within multi-service, multi-device environments. Intel SGX provides the Trusted Execution Environment platform that ensures the confidentiality and integrity of software code and data.

“As content and service providers seek to deliver service to as many device families as possible, they face the challenge of maximising content protection within specific platforms,” said Jae Park, Vice President of Business Development for Alticast.  “By combining the capabilities of Intel SGX and AltiProtect, we are able to offer the strongest security possible to Windows systems.”

“The need to ensure secure delivery is taking on greater importance as operators offer higher value 4K UHD content,” said Rick Echevarria, Vice President, Intel Software and Services Group, and General Manager, Intel Platforms Security Division.  “Our work with AltiProtect strengthens the industry’s ability to safeguard 4K UHD content in an over-the-top environment.”

Studio-approved and highly rated by Telcordia, AltiProtect uses well-defined industry standards to ensure reliable content protection for broadcast and VoD, and can easily adapt to unique network infrastructures.  AltiProtect is being used by CJ HelloVision, the largest pay-TV operator in South Korea, to secure the world’s first launch of UHD pay-TV service.


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