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Verimatrix standalone forensic watermarking

April 19, 2017

Verimatrix, the specialist in securing and enhancing revenue for multi-network, multi-screen digital TV services around the globe, has announced two additions to its forensic watermarking offerings with the availability of the Standalone VideoMark solution for IP and broadcast networks and the extended server-side watermarking capabilities of StreamMark to support adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming. Through the VideoMark and StreamMark offerings, Verimatrix equips video service providers with a range of more flexible anti-piracy tools and deployment options that they need to secure and monetise the latest premium content services and delivery methods. These offerings complement the issuance of updated watermarking security guidelines from the Ultra HD Forum where Verimatrix played a leading role.

The client-side VideoMark solution is now offered in a configuration independent of VCAS to provide operators with greater flexibility as they build their multi-layered security platform for all types of premium content services. Also a core component of Verimatrix’s next-generation VCAS Ultra platform, the Standalone VideoMark solution extends Verimatrix’s robust video tracking and forensic identification capabilities to work alongside third-party conditional access (CA) and digital rights management (DRM) systems.

The capabilities of StreamMark, Verimatrix’s server-side forensic watermarking solution, have also been expanded to protect premium content delivered via HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and standard DASH ABR formats to enable early release windows and other premium content business models. The solution is inherently DRM-agnostic and integrates with leading encoder and CDN components to protect unicast over-the-top (OTT) delivery by uniquely marking compressed video files, even if they are encrypted.

“Verimatrix has spent more than a decade developing a comprehensive technical approach to forensic watermarking backed by an unmatched partner ecosystem, and we are very pleased to give operators greater flexibility to leverage our video watermarking solutions,” commented Verimatrix CTO Petr Peterka. “The pay-TV market has now matured to a point where the possible uses of watermarking have really expanded. Network delivery architectures are more robust, complete watermarking ecosystems and workflows are established and content owners are very interested in new business models that watermarking can enable. We are excited to work with operators and content owners to push the boundaries on adding forensic watermarking to their security platforms.”

VideoMark delivers seamless integration through the extended value of pre-integrated set-top box and smart TV manufacturers and chipset vendors, including Samsung, Broadcom, MStar, HiSilicon, Mediatek, Telechips, Marvel, Amlogic, RealTek and ALi. The deployment of VideoMark’s watermarking and extraction capabilities can now be streamlined through the pre-integration of the ViewRight Secure Player on compatible OTT client devices.

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