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#C4K360 launches in UHD over N. America

May 2, 2017

By Chris Forrester

Paris-based “Millennial” channel #C4K360 used NAB to launch its Ultra-HD service over North America, using SES as its capacity provider. It has secured an initial pair of specific carriage deals with cable operators, and is now potentially available to some 8.5 million homes in the US.

Tailored to young audiences, #C4K360 offers Ultra HD content that features premium and high-end programmes such as Extreme sports, e-Sports, Gaming, Gameplay and Lifestyle magazines together with mega concerts and festivals. The new UHD channel, licensed across North America by VIVICAST Media, fully embraces the second screen concept offering 360° Virtual Reality premium content in addition to ultra high resolution production values, increasingly important to millennial viewers.

“#C4K360 represents an exciting source of relevant and entertaining programming for thriving millennial audiences, who are increasingly demanding Ultra HD content in both the lifestyle, sports, travel, gaming and immersive virtual reality experiences they are craving for.” said Stephane Schweitzer, CEO of #C4K360.

“Media platforms in all categories throughout the US have a huge appetite for channels that will attract the elusive millennial audience. Perfectly tailored to young adult viewers, C4K360 delivers an entertainment menu of lifestyle programming, extreme sports and mega concerts that will act like a young audience magnet — and the channel does it all in glorious Ultra HD, along with the ability to deliver 360° Virtual Reality premium content that adds to the channel’s singular millennial appeal,” said Stuart Smitherman, President of Vivicast Media.

“C4K360 is a forward-thinking Ultra HD channel with its finger on the pulse of young, millennial audiences around the world,” noted Steve Corda, Vice President of Business Development for SES in North America. “The SES Ultra HD solution is enabling Pay TV providers across North America to accelerate their commercial 4K Ultra HD service launches, in large part thanks to our compelling programming line-up, featuring innovative networks such as C4K360.”

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