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SpaceBelt Global Cloud Network secures content

August 2, 2017

By Colin Mann

High-speed global cloud storage network specialist SpaceBelt Cloud Constellation Corporation has unveiled SpaceBelt for Media & Entertainment, a service designed to support broadcast and production organisations seeking more efficient ways to move and store ever-growing amounts of proprietary content while keeping it safe from hijacking, theft, monitoring and sabotage.

According to the Corporation, media and entertainment companies face cybersecurity threats from criminals running the gamut from profiteers to nation-states. Ransomware exploits, destruction of servers and the theft of terabytes of data are all part of the pandemic cybersecurity crisis that challenges every organisation reliant upon terrestrial networks to store and transport data, suggesting that SpaceBelt for Media & Entertainment offers a new way to address these security challenges:

  • Provides data security in space: Leaky internet and leased lines, along with jurisdictional hazards, leave organisations exposed. SpaceBelt provides an all-in-one, space-based global cloud network that protects critical information and secures sensitive data.
  • Ensures high throughput with major infrastructure savings: SpaceBelt avoids traditional terrestrial ‘hops’ by transporting data across its high-speed communications platform in space.
  • Solves a multitude of diverse storage security requirements: SpaceBelt for Media & Entertainment protects critical and sensitive data for a diverse range of organisations, including television and movie studios, production companies and distributors.

According to Cliff Beek, president of Cloud Constellation, recent exploits, such as the ransom demands to Disney and Netflix for stolen content, show the growing insecurity of the Internet. “SpaceBelt for Media & Entertainment will provide a safe haven for data, a place without interruption or exposure to any surreptitious elements or unintended network jurisdictions. Media and entertainment organisations will increase delivery speed and security, ensuring that intellectual property is protected every step of the way.”

“A secure and reliable means of transmitting and storing intellectual property, whether movies, television programming, live events or other content streamed directly to theatres, home consumers or industry creatives and executives, is the key to unlocking reduced costs and greater flexibility,” advised Isaac Palmer, managing partner, Qualia Legacy Advisors, an investment bank specialising in entertainment and media. “SpaceBelt could be as much of a game–changer for distribution and storage as digital projection has been for filmed content.”

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