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Spain: Vodafone ramps up TV football battle

August 9, 2017

From David Del Valle in Madrid

On the heels of Orange launching its €1 promotion for all Spanish football, Vodafone has reacted by offering Moto GP and F1 content for free to subscribers to Vodafone Fútbol.

Accordingly, all Vodafone One TV clients with Vodafone Fútbol (all Spanish football, UEFA League and the Champions League) will be able to enjoy such content for  free until the end of 2017

Vodafone is following the example set by Movistar, adding more services to the packages without reducing the fee, €20 a month for the football package. Last year, the company offered all football for €6 a month, but the strategy did not work in terms of profitability and is making a different approach this year.

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