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AirTies unveils next-gen Wi-Fi mesh products

August 24, 2017

AirTies Wireless Networks, an international provider of premium in-home wireless systems, has unveiled two next-generation, in-home Wi-Fi Mesh products for global broadband and TV operators. The Air 4930 Access Point (AP) and Air 7430 IP STB and are the latest additions to AirTies’ award-winning portfolio of devices designed to improve whole-home performance and enable operators to monetise premium Wi-Fi services in new ways.

Unlike traditional Wi-Fi, which relies on a single Access Point from a Router/Gateway, AirTies’ systems use multiple Access Points placed around the home to create a Mesh network that ensures consistent Internet performance for today’s super-connected homes. AirTies’ Wi-Fi Mesh Technology enables operators to confidently support new kinds of TV, Internet, home security, smart home, and IoT offerings by ensuring the integrity of Wi-Fi throughout every corner of the home.

“Outdated Wi-Fi is a major cause of frustration for subscribers and operators alike,” said Metin Taskin, Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder of AirTies. “Whether it’s for consistently fast Internet connections for every device in the home or delivering quality 4K UHD video streams to IPTV Set-top Boxes, it’s clear that Wi-Fi Mesh is essential for today’s super-connected homes. AirTies continues to push the envelope of product innovation as the most widely deployed provider of Wi-Fi Mesh solutions for global operators. Our new Air 4930 and Air 7430 products provide service providers with the ability to stream 4K UHD video, improve whole-home coverage, leverage real-time home network performance data, and clearly differentiate their Wi-Fi offers from the competition.”  

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