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Huawei launches all-cloud, network-wide smart video cloud solution

September 6, 2017

At Huawei Connect 2017, Huawei launched the industry’s first all-cloud, network-wide smart video cloud solution, together with industry partners including Yitu, SenseTime, NetPosa, Harzone, MIMOS, and Qognify. The open cloud platform benefits from a vast ecosystem of partners delivering a wide-range of smart video analytic algorithms. This provides a strong computing engine that supports public safety video application services and accelerates video application innovation to help public safety organizations better serve and protect citizens.

As cities embrace digital transformation, video is becoming an important tool for public safety management and city governance. In China, over 60% of public safety cases are solved using video. However, social video systems and security video systems typically operate independently, which makes video and data sharing difficult. Cross-regional crimes are increasing and without a collaborative solution, obtaining and analyzing video feeds consumes a significant amount of time, manpower, and costs. There is a pressing need among public safety agencies to find more efficient and open video application capabilities to address these challenges.

Kevin Bai, General Manager of Government Solutions Department, Huawei Enterprise Business Group, said: “Huawei’s Smart Video Cloud is based on an open cloud platform, which supports algorithms and applications from many partners to enable effective video sharing. Network-wide distributed smart analysis significantly increases video analysis efficiency; and in cross-departmental and cross-regional cases, the solution can rapidly respond with analysis results. In addition, converged Big Data technologies can uncover hidden insights from videos to support the work of public safety agencies. The video cloud can also be used as a service for other organizations or institutions, for example to support traffic regulation, detect the crowd flow at scenic spots, locate missing people, and many other public services. This solution allows videos to play a disruptive role in public safety applications, evolving from purely surveillance to generating actionable intelligence which takes city safety to a new level.”

In the past few years, China has experienced a breakthrough in video networking development, and thus promoting the construction of the video application ecosystem. Discussing Shenzhen’s public safety management experience, Zhang Yong, Captain of Shenzhen’s Public Security Bureau Video Surveillance Police Detachment, said: “Videos have played a key role in improving security for Shenzhen’s citizens. We have worked with Huawei for the past two years to develop a comprehensive video platform, which has helped us solve countless cases. Huawei’s video cloud, which combines centralized computing and edge computing capabilities, will help us further enhance our video application services to ensure peace in Shenzhen’s communities.”

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